Submitting a New Request

New Permit Request: Quick Overview

Submitting a permit application is quick and easy with Civic Permits. You need to know your activity, location requested, facilities needed, dates and times needed, and answer a series of questions. Upon submittal of the permit application, your application will be sent to the school district for processing and you will receive email notifications each step of the approval process.


Watch Submitting Facility Use Permit Application


Enter Activity

Specify the activity that your group will be conducting (i.e. Soccer Practice, Baseball Clinic, Troop Meeting, etc.)


Select Location

  • Choose a location from the Location Requested field.
  • After you add facilities, the location cannot be changed. To change the location, you must delete any facilities added to the permit application.

Add Facilities

  • Click on the Add Facility button to add facilities to your request. Only facility types available at the location requested are available for selection.
  • Select one or more facility types and the date and time you need the facility.
  • You can use the Add another date option to create another instance of the facility use or use the Add repeating dates option to create a series of recurring dates and times.
  • If the district has allowed requests for special requests and equipment to be considered a Special Requests / Equipment area is displayed.
  • Click the Add & Confirm button to add the facility to the permit application.
  • You can repeat the above steps to add multiple facility requests to the same permit application. However, only one location can be selected on each permit application. Once you add facilities to a request the location requested cannot be changed without first deleting any facilities added.

Permit Questions

Answer all of the permit questions listed on the application. Each district created their own questions. Please remember that you are certifying your answers to be true and correct when you submit the permit application.


When your permit application is ready click on the Submit button to send your application to the district. Your application will go through an approval process and you will receive email notifications as your application is processed.

About Fee Estimates

If the district has enabled the show estimated fees option, you will be presented with the estimated fees for your selected facility usage when adding facilities to your permit application. These fees are based on the district's approved fee schedule and your group status (i.e. school affiliated, non-profit, etc.) as per the district's policy for facility usage. Fees include use fees, custodial charges, and other applicable fees. It is important to note that the fee estimates provided are just that: estimates. Additional fees may apply including but not limited to permit application fees, processing fees, recovery fees, and other fees in accordance with the district's facility use policy.

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