When users register with Civic Permits, they select a group type, which are used on the fee schedule(s) to determine facility use fees.  The group type can be later changed by the district, if needed, in the user settings.


Enter the Group Name (i.e. “Nonprofit”, “Class 4 – Commercial”, etc.).


Description of the group, which appears on the user registration form.

Additional user registration terms

Additional terms appended to the terms of use for a particular group type.

Sales tax rate

Applicable sales tax rate to charge users of this group. Tax is calculated on invoices.

Is this group exempt from facility use minimums?

Some districts have certain time requirements for all uses. Selecting this option allows certain groups not to be subjected to these minimum time requirements.

Do not allow events for this group earlier than

Restricts earlier dates from being selected from the the data picker on the permit application.

Do not all events for this group later than

Restricts allowing later dates to be selected from the data picker on the permit application This option is used for restricting groups from requesting facility use permits in a given time window (i.e. “this group cannot submit requests after June 30, 2012”).

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