You can easily create one or more invoices for a permit application. Once an invoice is generated, an email is sent to the requester with a link to the invoice. The requester can then print the invoice and send a payment in or if your district has elected to use online payments, then the requester can pay online with their credit card.  Please note, once an invoice is created, a permit application can no longer be edited.  Editing a permit application must be completed prior to creating an invoice, or by deleting the invoice(s) and then editing the permit application.

Creating Invoices

  1. Verify that the user creating the invoices is assigned the “Members of this role may create new invoices” role (enable this option in Role Settings).
  2. Open the permit that for which you want to create an invoice, and then click the “Invoices” tab. Click on the “Create Invoice” button. An invoice is automatically generated based on: (1) the dates, times and facilities requested on the permit application and (2) the associated fees schedule(s). Edit or remove any of the fees or add additional fees via the “Add Another Fee” option.
  3. Assign a due date, change the invoice date, or provide any comments at the bottom of the invoice form. Comments are included on the printable invoice and also are included in the email notification sent to the requester.
  4. Click on the “Save Invoice” button to create the invoice. Once an invoice is created, an email notification is sent out to the requester with a link to the invoice. The invoice is also available via the requester’s view of the Permit Details page under the Invoices tab.

Editing or Deleting Invoice

  1. To make changes or delete an existing invoice, open the respective permit application and select the “Invoices” tab.
  2. Click on the “Edit” link next to the corresponding invoice.  The invoice will open in “edit mode”. Make any changes needed then click on the Save button. Click on the Delete button to delete the invoice.

Note: invoices can be deleted even if there are payments made against the invoice.  Be careful when deleting invoices as there is not an “undo” option.

Hint: if you need to make changes to the “Remit to” portion of the printable invoice, this can be done in the Content Settings area (“Invoice remittance instructions” Content Block).

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