Receiving Manual Payments (Check, Cash or Money Order Payments)

Civic Permits allows for both electronic (credit card) and manual payment collection.

To process a payment received by check or money order (or cash, if applicable) open the ‘Permit Details Page” for the payment then navigate to the “Invoices” tab. Find the applicable invoice and click the “Process Payment” link.

Note: An invoice must be created before a payment can be recorded in Civic Permits.

The Process Payment screen will appear. A partial or full payment can be applied. If a partial payment is applied, return to the Process Payment screen later to process subsequent payments.  Once the balance due becomes $0.00, the Process Payment link will disappear and additional payments cannot be made against the invoice. A new invoice must be created to collect additional monies for a  permit application. Select the applicable payment method and enter the amount received. Optionally, the Reference field can be used to store a check number or other payment reference.

The “Message to Requester” field can be used to include a message on the automatic receipt sent to the requester via email, after the payment is processed (when the “Process Payment” button is selected).

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