Assuming Users

District staff can take on the identity of another user to view and use Civic Permits as that user. This is referred to as “assuming the identity of a user”, which can be useful in troubleshooting issues users are having when using Civic Permits.

Remember that while assuming a user account, any actions you take, such as creating a permit application, approving or rejecting a permit, or adding events to a calendar, are done in the context of the user you are assuming.

 To assume (sign in as) another user:

  1. Go to the User Settings page and search for the user you want to assume, then select the user’s name from the search results to open the user account record.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the user account screen then click on the Assume button.


Once you click on the Assume button, you immediately become signed in as that user and a message appears at the top of the screen to remind you that any actions will be performed on behalf the user you are assuming.


When you are finished, you can click on the End assume mode link to resume your own identity.


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