Share a Calendar

Enable public access to calendars and specify status categories that should be displayed.

1. Click on the Settings link to open the General Settings page.


2. Scroll to the Allow public access to calendars option and set the value to Yes. Make sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


3. Next, go to the Status Definition settings section.


4. Select the Status Definition on the left that you want to appear in public calendar views (i.e. Approved) and then, under the Calendar Options section, enable the option for Requests in this status are shown to the public


Note: you can optionally select a background color for this status for events displayed on the calendar.

Repeat step 4 for each status category on the left as needed to specify what status categories should be included in public calendar views.

Share calendar views

1. To share a calendar, navigate to the Calendar tab, select the school name from the Site filter, and then hit the Apply button to set the filter. This will generate a filtered calendar view.


2. After you have set the filter view, click on the Share This Calendar option. 


3. The Share this calendar dialog will appear and will present a link that you can use to to share the filtered calendar view. This link can be given to your webmaster to link to school websites respectively. 




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