Using the Calendar

Permitted events are automatically calendared for each approved permit application. As a site coordinator you have access to the calendar for your assigned site(s) and you can view all permitted events for your site(s). Calendars can be filtered by site (only the sites you are assigned to), facility, and status.

Additionally, as a site coordinator, you can directly enter events into the calendar and bypass the permit process. This allows you to reserve facilities for school-affiliated events or meetings without going through the permit process.

Viewing the Calendar

Open the calendar by clicking on the Calendar link located in the main navigation menu.


The calendar defaults to the current month view, but can be switched to weekly or daily views as well.


Filter the events in calendar views by using the site, facility, or status filters at the top of each calendar view. The site filter will only display sites that are assigned to your account (in User Settings).The Facilities filter will only display facilities available for the location selected in the Site filter.



Adding Events

Add a new event by clicking on the “New Event” button.


Enter the Activity and the Location Requested. Note: You may only view your assigned locations (sites).


Next, click on the “Add Facility” button under “Facilities Requested”.


Check the facilities that you want to reserve and specify the dates and times. You can use repeating dates if you need to. Click on the “Add” button when finished.


The facilities are added to the new event form. If you need to review your selection, click on the + icon to expand the facilities requested.


Click on the “Edit” or “Remove” options to make changes or remove facility reservations. Add additional facility reservations for the same activity by clicking on the “Add Facility” button again and repeating the above process.


When finished, click on the “Submit” button to save the event. The event will immediately added to the site calendar for the location (site) requested.

Editing and Deleting Events

Edit events in the calendar for sites that you are assigned to you by filtering the calendar as needed, and then clicking on the event the needs editing.


Note that permitted events cannot be edited; only non-permitted events can be edited.  Permitted events can only be edited via the permit approval process.

The event record is loaded into the Edit Event Details form and this form can be used to make any changes to the event record, including editing or removing individual dates/times. After editing the event,click on the “Submit” button to save the changes.

To delete an event, including all associated dates and times, click on the “Delete” button at the bottom of the “Edit Event Details” form. Note: Use caution when deleting events, as there is no undo function.



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