Permit Processing

Use this guide for step-by-step instructions on how to process facility use request applications submitted to your school.

My Permits page

After signing onto Civic Permits, the “My Permits” page  will display all permit applications submitted to your assigned school site(s). You can click on a permit application to view the Permit Details page.


Permit details page

Review the details of the permit request on the Permit Details page. Displayed at the top of the page are the Permit ID, Date Submitted, Site Requested, and Current Status, followed by the User and Group Contact Information.

Access the Check Exemption Status link to quickly verify the exemption status of the group requesting the use of facilities with the IRS.

Request Details Tab: Review the facilities requested, the dates/times requested, and the responses to the permit application questions in the Request Details tab. If enabled by your district office, a Edit button will appear which will allow you to make changes the request details if needed. See the Editing Request Details section below.


Documents Tab: Requestors upload insurance documents in the Documents tab. Depending on your district’s approval workflow, documents may only be uploaded at certain steps in the approval process (i.e. such as during a Pending Risk Management Review status, which typically occurs after a Pending School Approval status). If your district’s approval process allows for documents to be uploaded prior to, or during a School Approval status, you may view any of the uploaded documents.


Invoices Tab: Authorized district roles (or school roles for schools responsible for billing) can create and edit invoices in the Invoices tab. Requesters can view and print their invoices and make payments online with a credit card (if enabled by your district) in the Invoices tab.

History Tab:  The History tab shows the Permit History for the permit application. All permit activity is logged in the permit history. Comments are also stored in the permit history.


Changing the permit request status

After reviewing the permit request, the status can be changed by clicking on the “Change” link in the upper right hand corner of the permit details page.

Click "change" to update status


Once the Change Permit Request Status window appears, complete the form as follows:

New Status

From the available status options, select the appropriate Status to assign to the permit.

Comments (optional)

In the Comments menu, you can optionally select a pre-defined comment (i.e. Conflicts with school event) to indicate why the facility is or is not available. Comments are commonly used text blocks defined in the Content Settings in order to reduce data entry. Comments are used on notifications sent to the requesters and are stored in the permit history.

Additional comments (optional)

Additional free text comments can be typed in the Additional Comments field to provide free-text comments in addition to, or in lieu of, pre-defined comments.

Click on the Change Status button to update the respective status. If enabled by your district, an email notification will be sent to the requester to notify them of the change in status.  Therefore, there is no need to send a separate email notification to the group unless you need to contact them for other reasons.

Once you change the status, the permit request is no longer displayed in your My Permits page (unless is resubmitted to the school by the district or requester, depending on your district’s workflow).


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